Genealogy in the Redlands

The objectives of the Redland Genealogical Society (RGS) are: 

To advance the interests of the study of Genealogy in general and specifically to assist and advance the study and recording of family history in the Redland Shire, and: 

(1) To provide a local meeting place and local genealogical research facilities primarily for the benefit of its members and ultimately to increase the knowledge of local and family history for the benefit of the citizens of Redland City. 

(2) To foster and promote the study, practice and preservation of genealogy, heraldry, topography, history, biography, heredity and family and local history generally in Queensland but primarily in the Redland City area. 

(3) To obtain, purchase or accept by donation any magazines, newsletters, books, CD’s, microfilm, microfiche or other form of records to be displayed in or made available for research at the local genealogical research facilities.